Unique Regal Wedding with a Barn Owl Ring Bearer

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Felicia & Garrett

Allerton Castle, Yorkshire

6th May 2023

Regal Riff-Raff and consummate elegance

What a unique love story I was honoured to share with their family and friends who arrived @allertoncastle from the USA.

F had a spare ticket for a day trip to Universal Studios and put it out on facebook.

G responded and they met at the entrance of the theme park with F thinking that if he was “odd” she could always let him wander around on his own!

Au contraire!

He turned out to be gorgeous and they found that they had so much in common and not just their love of the terrifying tyrannosaurus rex on the Jurassic Park ride just before the seismic fall into oblivion!

And it was 4 years later that G chose the very same ride on which to propose to the love of his life!

And it was the theme to Jurassic Park, played beautifully by @stephanieharpist, to which F walked into her wedding which she had kept as a secret for G.

Oh myyyyyyyyyyyy, there were so many beautiful and meaningful details woven throughout this wedding.

F&G are huge Harry Potter fans and loved the idea of a Hedwig-esque owl to deliver their wedding rings.

Swooping in, right on cue, from the bottom of the staircase to G & F at the front, was adorable Pebbles, the beautiful barn owl 🦉❤️🦉

All of the guests were WOWED! What an epic surprise for everyone and Pebbles played his part to perfection as the avian ring bearer 💍👏

G clearly loved holding him and F looked so confident with her beautiful bird on her wrist too.

Let your imagination dare to dream your ideal wedding…. The sky’s the limit…. 💒💕💍💒🎉💍

Then ❤️ Now ❤️ Forever

How stylish and “vintage” are these photos of our amazingly “Regal Riff Raff” Mr & Mrs!

Photographer: Lisa Devlin @devlinphotos

We couldn’t have been more lucky, and grateful to have you as our celebrant. We loved you, the guests loved you, the owls…..they probably loved you as well lol. You are an absolute legend!



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