Looking for Love in 2020

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How is the flame of love being ignited in our current climate?

Read on to find ideas about how people are looking for love in during the restrictions imposed by Covid 19.

Finding and meeting your soul mate nowadays is evolving into a very different experience. And it’s all quite exciting!

“Where is love?

 Does it fall from skies above?

 Is it underneath the willow tree that I’ve been dreaming of?”

These dreamy lyrics of longing express the sentiment recognised by anyone who is seeking to find a partner.

Without a doubt, one of my favourite programmes to watch is “First Dates.”

First Dates

For me it’s got everything – anticipation, drama, intrigue, suspense, unpredictability, humour, emotion, surprise, delight not forgetting those moments which are just #awks!

Nobody knows what will happen but each “date” arrives at Fred’s restaurant full of hope. And hope is a wonderful emotion to communicate on your date expressed through your choice of outfit, amount of eye contact, ability to listen to, and ask questions of, your date. The “dater” and “datee” who really connect show curiosity about each other and make themselves a little vulnerable through sharing some of their history. The reactions of the person opposite can reveal a lot about their levels of empathy and compassion. Good to know.

I can’t help but be impressed by the success rate of happy matches (and indeed some ensuing marriages) achieved by this programme. Whatever their questionnaire, it works very well and you can see the look of love ignite between many couples over the marshmallows and chocolate fondu. Fabulous!

Looking for love the virtual way.

Video calling is now becoming popular in our new climate. A few introductory texts to begin with can lead on comfortably to a few evenings of video chats before you might agree to meet for a socially- distanced dinner, walk or picnic. Yes, taking time to get to know a potential new beau or belle is the future. It appears to be less fashionable now to swipe left or right, offering a cursory glance at an array of attractive profiles, and this has given over to a more careful and considered approach to selecting a date using a feature on apps like Bumble and Hinge. This is giving people more time to reflect about how much they are enjoying the conversation on-line, whether you have plenty to chat about, whether you have shared hobbies and interests plus that all -important, ability to make each other laugh.

Apps to share with your date.


It doesn’t have to be all talk on line either – that can be quite intense and there is fun to be had by challenging each other on “Fight List” (not as aggressive as it sounds!). This is a hot trivia game in which you must try and think of the answers to thousands of questions on all kinds of topics and until your time runs out and then it’s your date’s turn!

You can also enjoy time together playing “Houseparty” games which include finishing the song lyrics, acting it out and quick draw.


For some, there is also a move away from the dating apps altogether and reverting back to some good old-fashioned approaches (alas not tea dances on a Sunday or Saturday evenings at your local community centre)but going for a walk or a run, taking advantage of the extra time afforded to you in 2 metre-apart-queue spotting a potential partner at the supermarket or the local post office! Or even, having the hope and confidence that you may meet someone in the course of your day – collecting a Friday-night take-away or enjoying an ice cream from Mr Whippy in the park.

Good old fashioned approaches


Dating outdoors


Fortunately, the longer days and better weather are creating many more opportunities to find love too. Picnics, bike rides and walks are popular and they eliminate the potentially embarrassing “I’ll get this” moment after a meal, removing any formality and hyped- expectation about a date and allowing both people to feel comfortable and relaxed. That has got to be a good thing, yes?

So, however you look for love nowadays, dating is carving out its own path and, I hope, will lead you to a bright and happy future.

That’s the power of love.

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