Personal Vows for this Barn Wedding in Thirsk

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Bethany and Billy

Thirsk Lodge Barns

16th November 2023

Congratulations to the sensational Mr & Mrs Watts who were beautifully married last Thursday @Thirsk_lodge_barns.

What a ceremony of joy and humour, warmth and reverence.

You really can have it all.

We all loved Billy and Bethany’s personal vows -they had agreed to make the same promises in their first few lines and then to add their own extra promises which were kept secret from each other until THE day.

Billy’s included, “to always notice when you’ve had your hair cut and to continue to do all of the driving for our safety and for the safety of others on the road!!!”

Bethany promises “to stop stealing Billy’s socks and to try her best to show enthusiasm when he does his daily demonstration of how to stack the dishwasher correctly.”

Perfect. So relatable which is why they were enjoyed by so many!!

And so begins your lifetime of love, happiness and adventure.

Then Now Forever

Thank you to Ellie and the fabulously professional team at Thirsk Lodge Barns and to the amazing suppliers who were:


Top Table Films – Wedding Videography

When we first chatted with Helen via zoom we had no doubt she was the celebrant for us. Helen listened to exactly what we hoped for our wedding ceremony and created it. She took our feedback on board and tweaked our first draft until it was perfect. She was so approachable, friendly and I would recommend her to anyone considering having a celebrant for any event.

Thank you, Helen for everything you did from the first meeting to standing with us at the end of the aisle xxx

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