Personal, beautiful and extremely elegant wedding ceremony

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Wedding Ceremony August 2019 in Thorpe Park Hotel, Leeds.

Distance would not separate this beautiful couple. Theirs is a courtship that lasted for 4 years whilst they lived on different continents  This was a unique ceremony celebrating Uyen’s Vietnamese heritage and filmed for her family who were unable to attend. And just look at Uyen’s vintage bouquet – it is exquisite. It was made by Helen , Joe’s creative and talented mother, who incorporated a photo of Uyen’s mum into the bouquet to remind Uyen of her presence and support at this significant ceremony. Joe’s father even wrote a poem for the couple which he rad to them during the service. There was laughter, tears, symbolism and many “moments” which filled the space and created lasting memories. Simply stunning.

Joe & Uyen’s Wedding Vows

You are life’s joy and life’s purpose.

 I appreciate all the small things you do for me and the unconditional love you give me.

 I will continue helping you grow as a person, in your confidence and skills and always encourage you to achieve your goals. 

All the hard work, tears and stress we have been through in order to be together is something I would do a million times over because you are everything to me.

I promise to be your shelter and your home, no matter where life takes us.

Chồng yêu vợ. 

I promise to grow old with you through different phases in our life.

I always appreciate every little thing you have done for me to make me happy and make me a better person.

Unlike other couples who were born in the same country, we found each other from the other half of the Earth.

You are the other half of me. 

We had to put a lot of effort to build our relationship and get through a lot of stress, difficulties and sometimes arguments and disagreements to be together.

However, I would go through all of that over and over again to be with you because as long as I am with you,

I know I will be safe and happy as you are my home.

No matter how hard our life might be, I will walk with you hand in hand to the end of our path. Vợ yêu chồng.

Kind words from Joe, Uyen & Family

Thank you for the hard work and effort in preparing and organising our wonderful and heartfelt ceremony in August 2019.

You truly made our day very special and it will stay in our memories for a very long time.

Father :
Helen – thank you so much for your lovely, moving ceremony.

All of our guests were blown away by it. Fabulous!

Thank you so much for making Joe and Uyen’s day so special and perfect. It meant so much to me that you were able to conduct the ceremony.

Everyone has said how special and beautiful the ceremony was.

You delivered it with such skill, involving everyone in what was a joyous occasion.

Without exception, our guests loved the ceremony- so personal, beautiful and extremely elegant!

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