Weddings and Civil Partnerships

Your ceremony is a moment which acknowledges a turning point in your lives – a choice to set off on a journey together with the experiences of the past to guide you into the future.

Where will you choose your venue to be  – your private home, a park or garden, on the beach, in an historic building, an art gallery or your favourite roof top restaurant or lovely local deli….?

When will you choose it to happen – sunrise, sunset, daytime, night time….?

With whom will you choose to celebrate – close family and  friends , a large group, a  small group, family only, in fancy dress, with a colour theme….?

You may like to consider incorporating a symbolic element to add poignancy to your service – we can discuss the ideas and options together:

Costs and Expenses

Your  Ceremony  from £430.00 

Bookings for ceremonies in 2020 from £499.00




Please note : for a wedding to be legally valid in the UK, legal formalities must be completed though the Registration service at your local registry office, costing between £45- £60.

Couples are required to give their Registrar notice of their Intention to Marry.

The legal part can then be booked to take place any time before The Elegant Celebrant conducts  your bespoke ceremony.

The marriage at the registry office takes approximately 20 minutes and requires that you have two witnesses present under the Marriage Act.

Once you have your Marriage Certificate then you are legally married and can celebrate this wonderful event afterwards wherever and however you choose.